Baby Project #34

I got the happy face this morning. Today was the day it needed to get done. I was on a mission for this cycle not to be lost. I took that damn soy isoflavone and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

I have issues. I know I have issues. One of my major issues is I feel every man will disappoint me. Whatever a man says is bullshit and I should just wait to be disappointed.  I am sure some of this stems from childhood. Then continued on with the trifling men I continued to have in my life.

Donor dude has not been big on communication. Of course in my mind I am thinking here we go with the bullshit. Well to my surprise he was waiting for me at Positive Impact to get our HIV test. It is so weird. We are not dating. I wouldn’t call us friends. The whole situation is strange as hell. We were in that place for about an hour and half. We both left with our negative cards.

I have always used condoms. I have never made a man take a HIV test. The ex and I slept together with no condom. Especially when I convinced him to make a baby with me. I trusted him and don’t know why. He is one of the men who doesn’t seem to do much but disappoint me.

Donor deposit was made. Another will be made tomorrow or Monday. All depending on Sunday activities. More on his side than mine.

The ex text me. I didn’t ignore him on purpose, I was busy. Well he started getting aggressive with trying to contact me. I decided perfect time to give him a taste of his own medicine. I was not going to respond to him. After about ten text and phone calls. My home phone started ringing. Shit I didn’t know my home phone number. Caller ID  showed  it was him. I didn’t answer.

When I was coming in earlier the fire department showed up for some reason. I think someone was hurt, they brought an ambulance. Well an hour later I get a text. I am by your car come out because I don’t know what apartment you live in. I couldn’t believe it. Not that he hasn’t done that before. Granted that was 11 years ago. I went outside and yes he was there.

How can you do this to me. I looked at him with a blank stare. How many damn times have you done this to me. He couldn’t believe it. He kept saying I don’t believe you did that. All I could do is laugh. You know how many night he has had my ass calling and staring at the phone. Shit I should have been ignoring his ass a long time ago.

So I told him to take me to the movies. We ended up seeing Iron Man 3. We went to the 9:35 show. I didn’t want him to stay over. I don’t want to end up on the Maury show. Who is the father. A friend said why not. I might be going about this in an unconventional way. I do want to know who impregnated me. If my child ask I have maintain some level of respect.

My donor father is an identical twin. If he gets me twins I might have to buy him a present. Keeping hope alive!!!

7 thoughts on “Baby Project #34

      • I wasn’t sure how all of that would work, and what would happen if later on he decided that he wanted to be a part of the child’s life.

  1. Congrats! So you did self insem? Glad the donor is proving trustworthy. Interesting about the ex… He was definitely persistent!

  2. It could be useful to consult a lawyer. If he ever wants involvement, Some states will treat him as a potential father and not a donor if you aren’t going through a clinic. This is in spite of any agreement if they view the agreement isn’t in the best interest of the child.

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