Baby Project #42

Yes my crazy ass is still taking pregnancy test. This time I got the equate version of first response. I got a negative. I was horrified. The only thing keeping me is sane is I should have started my period two days ago. No Aunt flo in sight. I bought a new bra and my boobs thanked me so much today. Gaining weight sucks in a big way. No I am not talking about pregnancy weight. That is only going on three weeks.

Just the random eating to damn much and not exercising kind of weight.  I have to find a dress for a wedding. I hate shopping. I hate shopping even more when I am not happy with my weight. I need to find this dress soon. I have about a month and a half.

I am also ridiculously tired. I have been drinking decaf coffee. One cup of regular coffee a day. My body is hating me for it. I know caffeine is a drug. It is a drug I miss big time. I have no real complaints today. I am just praying and keeping hope alive that everything works out with this pregnancy!!!


One thought on “Baby Project #42

  1. I hope that was a less sensitive test you took. The internet has a bunch of cheaper, but supposedly sensitive ones, you can order. They’re the kind you have to dip in a cup though. I have tons – wish we lived close by! Sending positive thoughts!! I hear you on the coffee – I’ve gone off and on at various times but am now doing tea (decaf during 2ww). You’re doing great and side effects of going off will get better!

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