Life begins!

I started to think of my life in a different way today. Actually the thought process began yesterday. I am still a lonely depressed mess. I have a light at the end of the tunnel. A glimmer of hope. My life is good and I need to fix my perspective.

Yes I am still going to go talk to someone. I feel a little better today. I actually went to the gym yesterday. I haven’t been there in about six months. Then I took a long walk in the park today. It had a chance of rain and I didn’t care. I needed to be outside. I did have some drops hit my face. I had my new pedometer app going on my smart phone. I wanted to quite after the first lap. I sat in my car,  ready to go home. I decided I wanted to burn 200 calories in total. Why do I always quite everything. I was pondering that as I sat in my car. I got out of the car and walked another lap. 187 calories. One accomplishment made me feel so much better.

I decided I am not going to put anymore crap in my body. Okay let me start with still not ready to give up the coffee. I am a work in progress. Everything I put in my body today has been totally healthy.

Started with egg whites and fruit for breakfast. A big salad with feta cheese(which I love) for lunch. Dinner hasn’t happened yet. I am very optimistic and need to keep this wave alive.

Next week is baby making week. Before I head out-of-town for a bridal shower. Which I have nothing to wear at the moment because nothing fits. I will find something to put together.

It is funny my mom said she is a size 16. This is the first time my mother and I are the same size. My mom was so much smaller than me during my teenage years. Then I lost 100 pounds and I was smaller than my mother for years. Not that she was big she was about a 12 and I was a 8-10. My mom is 5’11 and I am 6’0.

Now we are both size 16 which is interesting. We both are out of comfort zones. Having to find a dress for this upcoming wedding. I am going to look tomorrow with my old roommate. I appreciate her in a big way. I am my own worst critic. She told me I am being dramatic. Sometimes you need some compliments to get out of the dumps.



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