Life Stuff!!

Second therapist appointment went well. She confirmed a few things in my world. It is nice to hear an opinion that has no reason to pick one side or the others.

A while back I was working on making my own hypnotherapy CD‘s. I started the project, never finished as usual. I also wonder if I was being a bit crazy. I was thinking who else could convince me better than my own voice.

Well according to my therapist that is not crazy at all. Also others do make their own hypnotherapy CD’s. I don’t know why not being the only one makes you feel good.

I don’t want to be the only freak that feels a need to record my voice to talk to myself.

I am going to work on completing this project by this weekend. My voice doesn’t sound the same recorded as it sounds in my head. It is kind of freaky.

I need to have more follow through in my life. What is funny is she pointed out I follow through with a lot of things in my life. Baby making project being first on the list. I told her it was my obsession. I don’t know if she was buying me using such a strong word to describe my actions. My do we criticize ourselves ten times worse than anyone else could. I guess that is the million dollar question. I need to find the million dollar answer to that question??



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