Pissed off!!!

I have a big ass stain on my carpet. How about I didn’t put it there. It looks like a stain coming from the bottom up. The apartment complex says it something I will have to pay for in the end. Can I say pissed the f off. I don’t know if I just didn’t notice it. Did the carpet cleaning they did before I moved in cover it up until recently. Well thank god my old roommates still have my carpet cleaner. I am going to try to get that crap up. If it works and comes back. I will use it again before I move out. I am always pissed to be left holding the bag for crap that wasn’t my fault.

I know the complex probably heard it all, but I swear there is no way in hell I did that. They don’t care, which was totally obvious when I was talking to the leasing agent. I have several months to worry about it.

Presently going to get an insemination tonight. I didn’t get the happy face today, but with my old calculations it should be tomorrow. New calculation it will be when I get back. I am trying not to be stressed anymore.

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with my scale. It looks like my weight went up again. To be honest I should have weight myself when I originally started this new plan. It could have went down. I decided to go back to weighting myself once a month. Clearly I can’t take looking at the scale to often.


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