Loving myself day 3

Things are going pretty well. Food not perfect, but a whole lot better. I got my new fat jeans from Old Navy. I wish I didn’t have to buy online. Being six feet tall, makes shopping online a necessity. All that to say they are two big. I keep having to pull them up. Which I secretly love and I am not returning them. Secondly when I am pregnant, I can have turned into maternity jeans.

So I did part of my homework. My therapist said make a start and don’t beat yourself up. My cousin is coming over this weekend to help me lift boxes. Since box lifting put me on my ass for three days.  Also she is taking back her heating pad. For her trouble I said I would take her to lunch. I need to find my exercise equipment to try to attempt P90X again. Yeah I said it!!!!

I been happy with no complaints over the past three days. Work has been stressful. There is something I need to complete that has me pulling out my hair. It has to do with taxes. Not my favorite subject at all.

On the man front, no men in my life at present. This one guy gave me his number. I called and he never called back. Oh well, I left a message that is all you get out of me. I am not into chasing anyone. PERIOD!!!

I am working on a new YOUTUBE channel. I am feeling kind of shy about it. I know after I get in the habit I will be at ease.  I am still waiting to see if I am pregnant. My nipples have been hard for two weeks. I haven’t taken a test. I have one, but haven’t even attempted to take it. I don’t know what I am waiting for. The longer I wait it will be obvious because my period will be here. I have to say it has been a lot less stressful not taking the test. One test leads to many for me. Especially if I see one little sign of a double line.

PEACE and HAIR GREASE (that use to be a saying I said in my youth to my little group of friends. The things you remember)

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