Random Saturday Activities

I woke up about 10am. Staying up the night before until 3am doesn’t make me an early riser. I actually never been an early riser. I don’t know if it is totally my medicine or I love sleep. So I woke and looked in the mirror. My boobs looked bigger. I felt bloated. I just felt fat. I got my scale. Not my usually activity. I am in denial for longer periods of time. I was shocked, I am down 8 pounds. How the hell did that happen. I am feeling heavy as hell. Still no period so I am getting more and more excited. I am still not going to take a test for another week. The old me would have been at Walmart several times to confirm over and over again.

I got some breakfast and laid in the bed until noon. I was wondering if that guy was going to call me for that date. I really didn’t want to go. So I text him. No response, which was great for me. I wasn’t interested in meeting this guy. The more time had passed the less interested I was becoming. I took myself to the mall. I thought about buying clothes. I hate shopping. Especially when I am overweight. I went to the eyebrow place. They made them too thin. Once the hair is gone not much you could say. I also needed some shoes. I actually bought nothing and ended up at Chipotle, then I went to a two dollar movie. I saw The Man of Steel. It was okay, but I can see how people didn’t like the movie.

I haven’t been too many movies by myself. It was okay. Except for the germ infested children in the movie. I hate when people bring babies. I hope I never regret saying that. Now movies come out on video so quickly that you aren’t missing much. I hate hearing crying babies in the movies. I know when I have children I might think differently.

I know you can’t lose weight while pregnant. Is there any way you can eat healthy that when you give birth, you can lose an additional 40-50 pounds. I need to do some research. Things are coming together. Now I feel a man is so far down on my list. I would love companionship and someone to help me through this process. Now reality has kicked in and I am going to have to use my village. Thank god my cousin has moved back to GA. Granted she lives 45 minutes away. She already said she would drive up to help me when needed. Maybe she can come up every other week to do some grocery shopping. I am thinking ahead. I would pay for her gas. She is a struggling single mother. I have my old roommates. I am going to call in everyone. Also my goal is to be debt free one of these days. Not to owe to credit cards are loans unless it is for a house or a car. I know people go crazy with babies. I am going to try to buy 90% of my stuff used. I will accept all gifts. I know I will be living on credit for a while after giving birth. All I can do is plan, but you know god laughs when you do that. I am going to have to do what my father said and take it one day at a time. Father knows best!!!

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