25 DPO

No period!!! I still haven’t taken a test and trying to wait another week. I did get nauseated today and had to get some diet sprite to get it together. This could be real. I emailed known donor and he asked when was the period supposed to come. No response after that answer. I wasn’t looking for a parade from him, but a little more than that.

I have done it again. Looking at the pictures on Facebook and getting jealous. Then I had to think of a friend I have that relationship looks great on the outside but a horror show on the inside.

The guy I was supposed to meet on Saturday. Called at 9 pm after I left him a text saying lets meet at 5 pm. Yeah clearly a loser and would not get my attention. Well he even stated in the message he got my text at 10am. Then proceeded to go into some excuse that sounded like totally bullshit. I deleted it and assumed he would get the message with my lack of response. Well I guess that was too much to ask. He sent me a text on Sunday asking if I got his message. Are you freaking kidding me. I didn’t reply to that either. From the hot comment to this. Every time I don’t go with my first in-stink, I am reminded it works believe it.

I am tired. I am always tired actually. More tired than usual. I took a nap in my car during lunch and I wanted to stay out there all day. I had to drag myself back to work. I feel like everything is coming together. I have no complaints at the moment. I am going to put this man thing on the back burner. Which is annoying since I paid for a site not to long ago. I just not in the mood to deal right now. I have bigger things to focus on. I am staying positive.

I know relationships are hard. I am not in the mood for hard right now. I need some, no drama kind of world for a while. HERE IS TO NO DRAMA. I am going to take the time to hide my profiles. I will use them again I am sure.


3 thoughts on “25 DPO

  1. This is looking very good for you! Yes, maybe enough on your plate at the moment, without dating stress/drama.
    Wow, you told it to me straight on my blog… I’ll probably let him read that, assuming we stay together. Yeah, I would be really hurt if he said stuff like that to me, it’s true. This is a pattern that’s come up with me in every relationship I’ve had in the last 15 years, so it’s been a lot of suffering for me and the men I’ve been with. I feel like I can’t control it. But we are working on our issues in counseling, including that one.

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