I am tired!!!

I have always been a night owl. It was so hard to get out of the bed this morning. I can’t wait until the weekend. I am sleeping in big time. I had one cup of coffee today. I am so proud of myself.  I talked to my mom about the positive test. She was shocked. Which is so funny because I have kept her in the loop. My father on the other hand is in the dark.

She said something that had me thinking. She said you are such a go-getter. You always go after and accomplish what you want. I asked for her to be more descriptive. I guess I never looked at my life that way. I have fought for the things I really wanted. Or god has paved the way for success. My cousin said something similar years ago. I always land on my feet.

I have been let go from two jobs. Not in the we are downsizing manner.  Escorted to the door. One by my own choice the other due to office politics and I was the losing candidate. Unemployment maxing out at 320.00 a week in Georgia. I didn’t wait long to find a job. I was probably on a mission the next day. When a full-time job didn’t show up I temp. I had bills to pay and no one else to help. 320 a week wasn’t going to do shit.

This job I am at now started as a temp job. Now I am in an office with a nice title. I never planned any of this. It just happened. Reality is stranger than fiction. Certain things you can plan other you just let happen. I told my family god had my back when I moved here. My uncle my he RIP told me I would be back. Like I would fail and be back home. Well I did not fail. I am plan to go back home on my own terms.

My aunt told me some people think I am coming home because I failed and I am struggling. I think people always want to think the worst about you. I am coming home for many reason. I don’t have any family here. A few cousins and I only talk to one. My parents are getting old. I haven’t visited much over the 13 years. I want to spend time with them. Be with them if they need me. Also with a child/children they are my village. It has nothing to do with failure or money. I could careless what people think.  That wouldn’t have been my first thought about anyone.


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