This shit is new!!!

I woke up four times to go to the bathroom last night. I was also so thirsty and woke up to quench my thirst.  One middle of night bathroom trip and only occasionally is my norm. Four times I know my body is changing. Also I am a stomach sleeper. Which I know I am going to have to figure out something about that. Well my boobs are so sensitive I can’t sleep on them. No one ever tells you any of this. I guess all pregnancies are different. Also why would you talk about any of this unless you are talking to someone pregnant. Either way I am still scared because it so early. Thrilled because I never got this far before.

I am tired as hell. I woke up this morning thinking this is some new form of torture. I am so tired. I am so happy it is the weekend. I am sleeping all day on Saturday. Pregnancy tired and giving up my caffeine addiction at once. Granted I did mess up yesterday. My friend acts like I am supposed to flip a switch and stop doing all bad things. If I could have done that I would have a long time ago. Then I would be looking at a perfect size 10 in the mirror right now. Instead of a 16. I am a work in progress. I had my one cup of caffeine today. It felt like I had none.

It is hard for me to go to bed early. I always stayed up late. I know I need to lay my ass down. Before I passed out on my way to work. I was walking so slow this morning. I wanted to get back in the bed so bad. I almost called in sick. I had too much to do and deadlines I needed to keep. So that was not an option.

My mother is calling me so much. It is hilarious. She asks the same questions, How are you doing? How are you feeling? No different I tell her. I really don’t have much to report. I am trying to stay positive and that is all I can do.

I don’t know what flicked on with the internet. Did a bulletin go out that I am in need of a man. As soon as I figure out I was pregnant. I have been a super star online. I haven’t answered any of the emails. I was supposed to hide my profiles. That got lost in my procrastination list. Which will be on my list for this weekend. It is funny the internet can be the feast or famine. I guess I am in the up swing when I am no longer interest. Put on the back burner. That is why my profiles will be hid and not deleted. I still want a man. That never went away.  It is hard to find a good one!!!!


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