So pissed off!!

I am so pissed of I had to get it off my chest. My mother has told everyone, and I do mean everyone I am pregnant. Then had to nerve to say you sound like you have an attitude. You see with my mother has a right to be mad at you, But you don’t have the right to be mad at her.

First off I am 5 weeks along. You don’t tell anyone until after three months. Second it isn’t her business to tell. She should have asked for my permission. Now she is going to make me not tell her anything. I left her a text message because she is the type not to listen. I plan not to answer the phone for a while. I am so pissed off. I called my aunt. She said she knew but didn’t want to get into it. She knew it was going to blow up.

I have enough on my mind then all this all over freaking town. Now granted my god mother doesn’t travel in any circles I do. If she tells my god sister I will be pissed off. Especially since me and her do not talk and had it out over a year ago. When I say I am pissed there is steam coming out my ears. Then I asked her what exactly she said and she is going to give me some evasive bullshit answer. No chick what did you tell her. The full story or just I am pregnant. If she told her the full story I would be about to fly up to Boston to kill her. She only told her I was pregnant. Also everyone at her two part-time jobs. Which I don’t know those people. Still not cool. I haven’t even told my father yet. I swear god help me with this woman.

She is my biggest supporter and she is happy. Ready to be a grandmother. Which she thought would never happen. I understand and I am trying to be sensitive. But she is going to have to show some respect and stop pulling I am your mother when she fucks up. Just say you are sorry. I am sure after I ignore her for a while I will get the apology. When you ignore her that is when she will think about what she did. If you face it head on she will argue you to death about her side.  I love her but she drives me freakin crazy!!!!!!


UPDATE: We went through the usual drama and now my mother and I are good. WOW hopefully it won’t always be like this. Please pray for me!!!


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