Always something

Shake up at work. Long story I can’t really speak on. This is making me not to happy to be in management. When people are affected in a bad way I don’t want blood on my hands. It really isn’t my decision but it still sucks. I feel for people in the line of fire. There is nothing I can do. I need a job for now at least until child is born. I have to think about that.

I know my job hours and stress will be increasing greatly. I am the grateful to have a job category again. I know my long term plan is to not be in Georgia. Leaving on your own and being asked to leave when not prepared is a different thing. Also the pregnancy things makes it all very tricky. I know I have a fear of finding a job in Boston. It is a waste of time to worry about things you can’t control or might not happen. I don’t think I am worried more concerned. I have so much more on my plate right now to even think about that.

One day at a time. I can hear my father saying to me. I need to focus on today. All the work on my desk and not stress when the pile of work increases. I know I need to work on my resume. Another thing I need to put on my weekend list. Not that I need it right now, but I can always be prepared. Life is full of challenges.

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