7 Weeks 5 Days first OBGYN appt

This appointment was a lot longer than expected. I had to call me job and tell them I was going to be late. Of course being 38 I am high risk. Then taking the medicine I take I will have to see a fetal medicine doctor. So no ultrasound today. She said the fetal medicine doctor will do it. They also have better machines. I did have to take the diabetic test today. I wasn’t prepared for that at all. Because I am old and my dad is pre-diabetic.  So that next appointment with them will be in a month. The fetal medicine doctor, they have to run through my insurance first then make an appointment. She gave me a prescription for prenatal and nauseous medicine. The midwife didn’t ask a lot of extra questions. I said the father was not in the picture end of subject. The phlebotomy lady was very nosy. Asked me why I waited, did I just get married, and a few other personal question. I gave her vague answers. I wasn’t upset she was being nosy. I was caught off guard. She did share personal information about herself. Nice, nosy woman taking my blood.

I did learn I am so overweight I only need to gain 15 pounds. When they weighted me it looks like I lost six pounds. From the highest I seen on my scale. All this is hard to take in. My family is calling asking a bunch of question. My aunt wants to come visit and go to a doctor’s appointment. I appreciate all that, but I am trying not to throw up at my desk. I wasn’t that accommodating when they called. I am trying to get through this work day in once peace. I am also nervous to make it past one trimester. I also declined to do any testing they have to stick needles in my stomach. I took the less evasive blood test that when I take it, is about 95% my child is okay. I am going to pray and ask god to bless the baby in my stomach. When she asked.

I am not jumping for my aunt to visit. She wants me to drive her all over the place when she is here. If she comes it isn’t about her and we are not crossing town because she wants to check on this and that. I am not in the mood to cater to anyone at the moment. I just want to lay in the bed any moment i have. I don’t have time for anyone else, I have another month to get through.



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