I have rescheduled this cleaning about three times. First I was nervous because of the pregnancy. Then it looked like I had so many appointments, so I rescheduled. Today is the day for my cleaning. I am leaving work early. Which I am thrilled about. I been having the worst time concentrating. I am actually hate the dentist. I go because I don’t want to be toothless one day. Plus I have bad teeth genes. We all seem to have the same gum issues. I thought it was because I smoked for so long. Then my aunt informed me she has similar issues and she never smoked. At least I have gotten rid of the stains on my teeth. Not a big fan of the yellow looking grill. I started using Arm & Hammer whitening toothpaste. My hygienist was amazed with how white my teeth stays.

Even thought my aunt and I had our usually issues we are good now. I swear my family gets over stuff quick. That works in my favor. I still feel pumpkin doing something in my stomach. I am not totally sick, and not totally well at the same time. I ate last night and threw up. It such a random thing with pumpkin mood. I went to my therapist and it was another good experience. I am working on being focused on life right now. Not what coulda, shouda, woulda happened in my life with different choices.

I am blessed to be exactly where I am at this moment. She made a good point. Am I worrying or just thinking about things. Once she explained the difference I am just thinking about my issues allot. Not really worrying. I am not losing sleep, wearing the carpet out because I can’t deal.  That gave me some relief about my life at the moment. I can’t predict the future. I did win on a scratch ticket. 16 bucks Woo Hoo, I can retire. As you see I have jokes today.

My hair looks crazy. Pumpkin has triggered a dandruff explosion. I wanted to wash my hair last night. It is so damn cold I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I have always had dandruff issues, but it hasn’t been this bad in years. I am scratching like I have fleas. It will be me some Selsun Blue and plastic cap when I get a chance. My dermatologist said you need to let the stuff sit on your head for 15-20 minutes. There are my weekend plans. I am taking one of my old roommates out for her birthday. Her partner is coming to of course. I like hanging with them. They are some cool people. I feel that they both care for me as family. I am going to miss them so much when I move. Not that we see a lot of each other. It will be harder to see them when I am a 16-18 hour drive away. We are going to a movie and lunch. Good times I have a date. Haven’t had one of those in a long time. Not with a man but a date none the less. Woo HOO!!!!



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