Maternity Clothes (Fail)

It is so damn hard to find tall girl maternity clothes. Today is the first day of wearing maternity pants and I keep having to pull them up. I bought a few more items online last night. I am not trying to go over board, but I feel like I am not getting this right at all. My friend asked me to come to her house on New Years. I need to find a dress that makes me look half way decent. My co-worker gave me a picture frame that records the baby heart beat. I thought that was so sweet. I told one of my employees I was pregnant and he said congrats and that was it. Took it very well. I also told him do not talk about it in the office. I will tell everybody else in a few weeks. He was cool with it. I believe he is also concern like my boss that I won’t come back.

I will not confirm or deny. We have Christmas Eve and Christmas off. I am going to enjoy those extra days. Not doing much but resting and relaxing. I need to do some cleaning. I will see if I get to that.



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