Happy New Year

I know I am a little late. Forgive me I am pregnant. I know that is no excuse, but it is the only one I got at the moment. I have been using that excuse for my many procrastination’s. I went to the fetal medicine doctor and everything looks great. I said if everything looks great then do I have to keep coming back here. He said yes. You have bunch of problems. Fibroid s and the medicine you take. I am was thinking gee thanks. All in all good appointment. Every organ in the baby is doing well. Thank GOD!!!

I know I shouldn’t be worrying, but I can’t help it. By the time I get to Boston I am going to be in a lot of debt. My co-pay for my insurance is now 50 bucks for 2014. What the hell can I expect. The insurance is kind of crappy. My cousin has great insurance. She pays high but it seems to cover everything. That is what I am talking about. I am nervous about finding a job in Boston. I haven’t been on an interview in six years. I know I need to focus on the present. It is hard sometimes. I am sick of people just telling me to stop worrying. If it was that damn easy don’t they think I would do it. CRAZY. I got some pictures.2014-01-07 14.36.37 (1)


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