Not sick, but feeling fat!!

I know myself very well. Weight issues have consumed my life for a long time. I am feeling huge and I am only half way through. I know I am pregnant, but damn. My co-worker made my day when she told me my baby bump was not that big. She showed me a picture of her daughter in-law at around the same time. My bump looked around the same as hers. I told her you made my day. She is going to take me to a baby consignment sale in February.

My mother and I had a great conversation. I asked her if she thought we would get along with me living there. She said yes. She is no longer doing her drug of choice. Which has been almost ten years. I have to say god is beyond good. She is not the same person, and I have to agree with her when she says that. She also said that is your child. I am the babysitter when you are at work. I thought I love that my mother and I can have conversations without yelling and screaming. It is a very beautiful thing. I love my family. Now I haven’t lived with them or close to them in 13 years. So I might be singing a different tune when I get there. But I have to say I love them dearly even thought they drive me completely crazy.

This is a big and new chapter in my life. I have to say I am beyond scared. So many things are up in the air and have to work out. Moving is going to suck big time.

My boss has joined me and my employee lottery addiction. He has one 750 bucks. I have some tickets on my night stand. I am going to scratch them this weekend. Money wouldn’t take away all my fears. More than half of my fears would be gone instantly!!!!


One thought on “Not sick, but feeling fat!!

  1. Happy New Year, Honesty! That conversation with your mother sounds really wonderful. Nice to be hearing that kind of support right now. Your ultrasound pic was so cute. 🙂 Hope you win that lottery! My lottery is going to be making more money in 2014 from counseling and other sources!

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