I passed emissions!!!

I know this might seem like something small to most, but it made my day yesterday. The light on my dash has been on for a long time. It was on last year. I went to my mechanic and he told me I needed a new cadalitic converter and a H2 censor. Totally 600 bucks. Last year the light popped off. I ran to the emissions place and I passed. Well the light popped back on a week later. This year I had to do it again. The light has been on for months. This weekend I was going to pay the 600 on my credit card to get it taken care of. I have to pass emissions. I woke up yesterday morning and the light was not on. Could this happen again I thought? I told myself if the light was off by the time I left work I was going to get my emissions test again. It was still off I passed again. Damn god has been on my side. I know I will have to take an emissions test when I get to Boston. But for now, I do not need to get in anymore debt.

Before I drive back to Boston.  I will get a good tune up. Right now I am great with my Honda CRV. My father said I should have a head of grey hair because I worry so much. I actually don’t have grey hair. If I do, I don’t see it. I do worry a lot. There is allot going on in my life. Shit it isn’t easy. I wish when my parents tell me to stop. I could just stop. Life isn’t that easy. At least not for me!!!


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