Picture of the BELLY!!!!

I finally stopped being upset about how I look. My co-worker is going to take a picture of me once a month from here on in. So I can document this for pumpkin. Can someone and I mean anyone send me some motivation. I am tired of looking at my dirty ass house. Things I should be doing, like going through my crap throwing things away. I go home lay in the bed and that is about it. Life has become very boring. My old roommates came over Saturday just to hang out. I was so happy. I was beyond board. There company was greatly welcome. Thursday I will be working on my baby shower invitations and registry. I have no idea what to put on a registry. My friend who is throwing the baby shower is going to help. Thank GOD!!!

I feel so lost with what to do next. I don’t know if this would be easier with a partner or not. The lazy ass men I dated in the past would not have been any help. Life is good, no complaints. Other then I didn’t win on my scratch ticket. I told my friend who is Catholic to pray to whatever saint can work that out for me. I don’t know much about Catholicism other than they pray to saints for different things. I told her, her prayers didn’t do it. So the dream house I been looking at online is out of reach once again. Oh well back to reality!! Why is my fantasy life so much better!!!2014-02-04 14.54.55


2 thoughts on “Picture of the BELLY!!!!

  1. Looking good! So glad you’re accepting your pregnancy body – you’re beautiful! 🙂 Happy your old roommates came over to keep you company – keep asking for support to help you get stuff done when you need it. I just had a surgery and had a good lesson in asking for support. People can be really responsive and there for you if you ask. Sending hugs.

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