Finally I got off my lazy A$$!!!!

I cleaned my house. I have no idea what got me motivated. Sunday I got up cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and living room. I even vacuumed. My bedroom still looks crazy, but the rest of the apartment looks great. I washed all the baby stuff and have it in a big bin and in a corner. I really need to head to Home Depot and pick out colors for my mom. I need to be more proactive instead of the constant lazy trend that has taken over my life.

It still hasn’t hit me that I am going to be a mom. I keep wondering how I will balance motherhood and social life. My mom tells me stay home with your baby. I thought that was funny since that is not what she did. I am sure I will get into some kind of routine with my life of singlemotherhood. My anxieties are still there but not screaming in my head, day after day. I was working on my registry and invitation for the baby shower have been purchased. A friend of mine is doing it at her house. She wanted to change her mind and do it at the clubhouse in her neighborhood. I told her I am not hard to please. Why pay when she can do it at her house. She has a very nice house. Even thought it isn’t an open flour plan I think it will be perfectly fine. I am shocked that I have 20 people on my list to invite.

I am such an introvert loner the number shocked me. I also have several people out-of-town to send an invitation to. I am not the type looking for gifts. What ever someone want to buy me I am all for, or if they don’t want to buy something that is fine too. I think it is tacky to expect gifts. I don’t know anyone’s financial situation or if they wanted to do it.  I was going to send a cousin an invitation even thought I didn’t tell her I was pregnant. My aunt said I was being childish. Then I brought it up on the forum and someone stated It might look like I am looking for a gift. I am not looking for gifts and I would never want it perceived that way. So I opted to not send it. I thought it would be a fun conversation started hey I am pregnant. Oh well no invitation to her if, it will start some kind of controversy. The truth is I have been very closed lipped to family.

I am not feeling the report my business to people who I am not really involved in their lives in any way. They will no when I post her picture on Facebook. If our only interaction is on Facebook then that is where you should find out. My aunt wants me to tell because she talks to that side of the family more. They will probably ask her why she didn’t say anything. She can tell them because I asked her not to. No ones business. Are they going to be big in this child life. The answer is NO. The people who are in my live have the information!! That works for me. I am not concerned about anyone else.


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