Baby is doing well!!

I went to my appointments. They were delayed and pushed to this week due to the weather. The specialist nurses said I look great not big at all. Then I got this not to friendly midwife at my regular OBGYN appt. She said I was gaining two much weight.

I discussed this with my friend. She made a good point. This lady has no knowledge of my past weight struggles. Yes I gained 25 pounds in six months. I have been no to gain that much in two months when I am really eating. I know I am not eating right, but the lady pissed me off. Not because of what she was saying. She was so damn cold about it.

In other news my boss gave his notice. In a company meeting which I missed due to my doctors appt. It was said I got it covered. I didn’t like that because in no way do I feel I have this man’s job covered.

Then my boss who is leaving seems to have vested interest if I stay or go after maternity leave. He made the statement about not going home and living with my parents. Interdependence blah, blah. I am thinking why do you care you are leaving. Also I let him know he was the only one with that view. Everyone else told me to go home. Family is invaluable. Plus I am not someone who messed up got laid off or destitute and moving home. My mother would benefit greatly from me moving home. Not just emotionally but financially. I plan to get a job and pay most of her household bills. I let him know ever family situation is different. He had a clear view which seems to come from his family experience. The fact is I have done a lot better than both my parents. I will probably get a job making more money then either of them have ever made. I can not make my decisions on a corporations needs. They don’t make any decisions based on mine. I could get laid off at any moment. What do I say, you can’t do that I have bills to pay. They do what is right for their company. I do what is right for me!!!

I am going to my therapist tonight which I almost forgot about again. Thank god it hit me and I will be there. I need some guidance. Life has been pretty lonely. I haven’t stressed that much about all the things that will be on my plate. My baby showers will be in early April. I really need to finish that registry. I am going to work on that and my resume by the end of this week. I need to be on my toes at all times.


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