Baby Bump on Display!!!

I am always cold in my office. I have had a fleece jacket on every day. It also covered my baby bump. Which I have to say I was getting sick of all the attention. I also noticed everyone at work did not know I was pregnant. Today at work I felt fine not cold at all. So today was the day to walk around with my baby bump in full view. I know it is a beautiful thing. With my body image issues and not the one who likes to be the center of attention it is hard to deal with.

I went to the therapist yesterday. She just let me talk, which I went on and on about random things. It is nice to have someone fully focused on you. I am going to another consignment sale with my co-worker tomorrow. I want a swing. Also I feel I have a lot of sleepers. I want more cute outfits. After this week these sales are going to be coming back to back. I need to decided which ones I am going to hit up.

I couldn’t sleep last night and woke up this morning like I could sleep for ten more hours.

I been feeling lonely. Most of my adult life has been spent dating. Since that is off the table for a while, I am missing the male attention you receive from dating. Work is also taking on a new struggle of staying focused. I am still buying lottery tickets with the fantasy of getting out of the rat race completely. This fantasy can help me get through many boring hours at work. I wonder does anyone else Day Dream at work???

I have three months to go and I want to know what my daughter looks like. It is a present I have no choice but to wait and see. Which totally sucks. I am going to do the 4D ultrasound. I am going to wait until I am further along. I feel like I am missing something or need a check list of what I am going to need.

I notice everyone has their own list of what they found useful and not useful. It seems more of personality and preference thing. I am less stressed about the future. Not gone but not taking up as much of my brain anymore. Thank god for little miracles.


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