Living the dream!!

Having a baby alone was not my original dream. It was my plan B dream. I am feeling so huge these days. Women at work are making comments about how big I am. Thank god I have one work friend that says I am just fine. According to my pregnancy app I have 14 weeks.  In seven more days I will be 7 months. It is fun and scary at the same time. My old roommate is going to the third trimester class with me. They are so great to me. I am also having a baby shower as of April 5th. The lovely friends in my life.
I feel the baby more sporadically. I am nervous about being a mother. I am hoping everything comes naturally to me.

I am working on a new plan of how to get my baby, me and our crap to Boston in one piece.  My cousin has volunteered to help and bring in reinforcement. She is dependable her reinforcements is what I am not so sure about. It will cut the price in half. Which is what I need to happen. I am still going to get an estimate from a moving company.

Still playing the lottery. So many of my prayers have been answered why not that one LOLOL!!!


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