Gestational Diabetes!

God gives you what you can handle. Thank you god I don’t have gestational diabetes. I am dealing with enough at the moment. My wrist hurts in a major way. Pregnancy carpal tunnel. My babies shower is coming up on April 5th. I haven’t been the center of attention for anything in a long time. I have to say twenty years. I never liked being the center of attention. Some people love it. I have never developed a taste for that. I like to fly under the radar.

My baby cousin finished basic training in the Marines. He is a man now. I always thought of him as my child. Even though our relationship didn’t begin until he was ten. I would take him to the movies and he would spend the night at my house. He would tell me his dreams and aspirations. He was so special to me. His teenage years turned out to be very tense and they had moved back to Boston by then.

He called me from his mothers phone. I was shocked to hear from him. I told him I was pregnant. He said I heard in a not so excited voice. I said I won’t forget you, you were my first baby. He said you better not. Oh so cute that he appreciated the part I played in his life. Made my heart melt.

I went to two consignment sales. I swear those Methodist church are unbelievable great. There was a mob of people at both. I got several things that weren’t on my registry but I wanted to buy after my baby shower. A car seat canopy, A bottle drying rack that looked like grass, Car bottle warmer,Diaper Genie. I got each of those things for five buck a piece. I also bought the cutest socks. I will add pictures of a sample of everything below. They have everything. I refuse to buy anything I can’t wash or clean myself. Certain things I want new like bottles. I been to so many now and have to say you can’t beat the deals. Especially with all this baby crap so expensive. They are practically giving some of this stuff away. Which make perfect sense. Why not make some money on stuff you will never use again. The Car Seat Canopy retails for 19.95, Car bottle warmer 14.99, Bottle drying rack 19.95,Diaper Genie 29.95. For a grand total of 84.84 plus shipping. I paid 20 buck. is the place to be.31j5N3r7QCL._AA160_15016446_201312301513 15223490_201403041228_243x243_pad 40649905 download (1) download (2)

I been working on my resume. Which I hate doing. I updated it and sent it to several people for opinions. My cousin came back with some great ones. Which I fixed several of her suggestions. It is great we are both in the same field. I want to put on my resume I want a job with great pay, low stress, and no overtime. That would be great. I know I am living in a fantasy world. A friend of mine keeps reminding me of my blessing. I thank her for that because when I want to complain I really need to think of all the great things that has happened in my life.


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