Getting the House together!!

I have too much crap. I don’t know why I have so much crap. I cleaned the house. I haven’t scrub the kitchen or bathroom. I have gotten most of the stuff off my couch. Where my aunt is going to sleep when she comes into town. I have gone through mounds of paper work. Ripping up paper and putting then in a trash bag. I put some Olive Oil and old potatoes in the bag. Trying to avoid identity theft. I can’t shred. I have broken so many shredders. I put to many pieces of paper in, because I am impatient and soon after it doesn’t work anymore. Not perfect, but a lot of progress on the apartment.

I got a brace from Walgreen for my pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. I didn’t realize I got the wrong one. I got a left-handed one which I put on my right hand. My co-worker informed me. I felt like an idiot. I will be returning it tomorrow. I have to say even with the wrong hand, my wrist is feeling so much better.

I am not sure what is going to make me feel ready for my child to come in my life. I know people who had children without all the crap I bought. Or as much money as I have. I am fearful, I am missing something or will do something wrong.

A friend told me I should align people to bring me food for the first few weeks. I heard that before from a few different sources. I feel uncomfortable asking for help. I know it is crazy. Some people have no problem calling a friend and saying can you do this and that. I am not one of those people. I don’t know if it is something I will get over in a matter or weeks. Can I do it myself. I think it is possible. Will it be easier with help? I am sure it will be. I am praying she comes out the regular way and then I can drive. Which makes a big difference. I can ask someone to watch her for an hour or two while I run my errands. Like go grocery shopping. I doubt I will starve to death under either circumstances. I pushed back my mother arrival another week. I want her to be here to help. Not watch me if I haven’t had the baby yet.

My fridge stopped working again. Maintenance came at 10pm last night to fix it. I think this guy is the head of maintenance. He got me the my new toilet. He even said he would come back during the day to make sure it is still working. I have a few things to do tonight. Cook, continue to clean and get some rest. I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. I hope I haven’t gained too much weight. We will see!!! TEAM Healthy baby!!!


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