30 Week update

I had my 30 week appointment. I am doing great. I didn’t gain any weight in the last two weeks. They were happy about that. They confirmed I don’t have gestational Diabetes. I did get an update on my Carpel Tunnel. If it gets worse they will send me to physical therapy. If it continues to get worse they will take me out of work.

I have to also call my insurance and make sure they cover the hospital pediatrician. I thought that was crazy. When I pre-registered at the hospital they had that in bold print on one of the forms. All the paper work is crazy. From insurance to FMLA information to fill out. I talked to a SMC friend. I meet her at the one meeting I went to two years ago. I bonded with her and she bonded with another woman. Both of those women have had their babies. I am the last one in the line of success among our little group.  It really made me realize anything is possible.

My heart goes out to any woman who wants a child and for whatever reason can’t have one. My choice of being a SMC will not be an easy one. What I am learning is everyone has advice. But you need to pay attention to yourself and what works for you. Especially baby gear. Like a whip warmer. Some mothers say they never use it. It is a waste. A warm whip is not what you want your kid to get use to. When you are out they will be cold and the kids will freak out. Then other mothers, I used it all the time. So everyone has their opinions of what they do and don’t do.

My biggest pet peeve is someone telling me what kind of mother I will be. Will I be strict, or let my kid get away with everything. I don’t have those answers myself. It aggravates when people inform me of what I am going to do with my child. I have certain morals and values that I know isn’t align with these people who are making the statements. I see how some kids act in front of people and I am appalled. Then I hear people say when they had kids they started to understand what those people with bad kids are going through. All this remains to be seen in my life.


One thought on “30 Week update

  1. Just tried to leave a message but WordPress ate it! Just wanted to congratulate you on a great 30-week appointment! Sorry you’re feeling the carpal tunnel though. I agree it’s hard to know how you’ll feel and what you’ll do until after your child is born and you’re in the situation.

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