A little depressed!!

I know I should be jumping over the moon. My babies shower is on Saturday. I am not feeling it. More so because I just want to show up and that is it. My aunt and friend are coming into town today. As much as I love them. I am not wanting to entertain at all. My aunt mentioned she can lay on my bed and we can watch Scandal together. First of all I stopped watching Scandal after the first season. Second I told her you can watch it in the living room while I am sleep.

I am so tired I can’t explain it. I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks. I am not the best hostess fully rested. With this sleep issue I think I am going to be short-tempered and awful. I am grateful they care about me. I really am. My aunt can be a bit pushy. She said she would not bother me while she is here. We will see. I am not convinced but we will see.

The friend is coming with her five-year old. I haven’t seen her in a few years. I wish I was more excited!! I am pissed I still have to go to work tomorrow. My baby shower was supposed to be later in the month. Due to scheduling issues it couldn’t be. I told my friend who is giving it, I would rather it early then later. I don’t want my baby to make a surprise appearance and I didn’t have my baby shower. The beginning of the month is the busiest time at my job. Plus my Boss quit two months ago. So there was no way in hell I could take a day off. I am not feeling all this at all. I am grateful but wish I could sleep the entire weekend!!!


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