Baby Shower Success!!

I am so grateful to my friends and family. When I say I would never have imagined it being so nice. Clearly I couldn’t since I bitched and complained up to this point. Well the baby shower was unbelievable great. My friends got together and pulled off a great event. My aunt got on my nerves a little. And had a little drama melt down at the baby shower. But other than that I couldn’t have asked for a nicer event.

After my aunt being in my apartment for four days three nights. It is making me nervous about living with my mother. Which they are two completely different people. I was cleaning up after my aunt the whole time which drove me up the wall. She was getting frustrated with me also. She kept saying I will get that. Leave that alone. Blah, Blah. I didn’t want a half eaten orange sitting on my counter for an indefinite period of time. Or a used paper towel just sitting on my counter when the trash is right there. Or the knife used to cut the orange sitting on my counter and not put in the sink. My cousin is the same way. We are particular. By no stretch of the imagination am I the cleanest person in the world. But come on.

My mother is coming for two weeks. I am praying we can work together and there not be too much drama. I got allot of nice things at my baby shower. Everyone told me to stop buying stuff at consignment sales. Wait until your baby shower. I am very happy I didn’t listen to none of that. I only had two repeat items that I bought and received at the baby shower. Now I have two bottle warmers and two baby mats. I am keeping everything.

My friend came down from Boston with her son. That worked out great also. I am happy to be by myself and doing my own thing. Everyone at the shower seemed to have a great time. None of my friends really know each other. So it looks like a few new friendships were made. I need to buy thank you cards. I really want to order them and put my ultrasound picture on it. I am not trying to break the bank.

I have a few more things I want to buy. A stuff animal that plays white noise. More bottles and diapers and wipes. In two days I am officially eight months. It is getting close to my child’s birthday. I am scared to death and excited at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Baby Shower Success!!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful shower – I’m so happy for you. 🙂 Funny about your Aunt – I think living with anyone is hard due to different styles and tolerance levels. Communication will hopefully be easier with you and your mom. Glad you didn’t get a lot of repeat gifts; that’s cool.

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