Sick Day!!

I called in sick yesterday. I couldn’t make it to work. My body told me no. I slept most of the day. Until they were testing fire alarms at my apartment. I am so over being pregnant. I want to see my healthy baby girl.

I went to the doctors and all my issues she keeps telling me is normal. I did gain five pounds. I know I have been eating. I am through worrying about it. I will be determined to get back in to my clothes after the birth. I am still nervous about all I have to do once the rubber hits the road.

I have been looking at jobs in Boston. I am praying for a smooth transition. For all things


2)Moving back to Boston

3)Living with my mother

4)Finding a job

I have a lot going on in my life at the moment. My new project is getting the apartment ready for her arrival. I really need to find some way to organize things better. A few people have offered to clean. I wanted to say no, but I would be lying to myself. It is a hell yes please help me. My lack of energy makes me a lump that just lays there. I don’t know how people do this with other children. I am glad I don’t have twins. But just doing this once sounds so much better than doing this again. Now I see why some people have one child!!!


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