Successful People!!

I envy successful people. More so people who have a dream and actual live it. Having this baby is a blessing. I worked towards it and it happened.

But the success I am talking about is writing a book, going into business for yourself.  Starting a non-profit. Being a total risk taker. I am more the safe person. Even with my life now. I have it planned out as much as I can. The parts I don’t have planned or can’t control makes me very nervous.

I always think of projects and begin them and never finish them. I am a horrible time manager and very lazy when it comes to my personal life. I feel like I could have been so much further and successful if I wasn’t such a procrastinator.

I am not down on myself, just need to work on a few flaws. Time management being the first. Which I am sure is going to come into play in a major way when my baby gets here. Also stop being such a procrastinator. I wish I could hit a switch and those two things will be fixed. But that is my dream world at work again!!!


One thought on “Successful People!!

  1. Not a risk taker? What is it called when you go after your dream of becoming a Mom and pursue ART etc.? I would say you are a very courageous risk taker! I totally get where you’re coming from and can relate (about feeling like I’d like to be more accomplished in a way that is recognized by the mainstream). But other accomplishments count too, I think. 🙂

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