Getting ready for baby!!

I am starting to get my stuff together. Which is hard to do when you have no energy. I also wish I was already in Boston. It would be easier on the brain. To know I am going to have to pack up all this crap and move it across country is stressing me.

I put together the pack n play I bought second hand. It was clean no stains but smelled musty. I was tired and had it set up in my room. I woke up in the middle of the night and that smell was bothering me. I couldn’t take it. So yes I woke up at 1am on Saturday morning and started cleaning the damn thing. I was looking at YouTube video’s and reading articles of the best way to do this.

I didn’t have a hose. Also had no place to leave it outside to dry. I took this one woman’s advise and dropped it in the tub with detergent and baking soda. Then all the accessories except the mattress and changing table, I put in the washing machine. I washed the mattress and changing table with a sponge. I put towels in my living room floor. Set up the soak and wet pack n play on the towels. Then I had a fan on it all night.

Now it is set up in my room with out that musty smell. First mom duty completed. I am very proud of myself.

The bottles ugh. Everyone has a difference preference to which bottles to use. I did get a positive review on the Playtex bottles. Less clean up was the main pro to these bottles. But everyone complained that the inserts eventually start getting expensive.

I received and purchased a lot of these Dr Brown bottles. So that is what I am going with. With the only reason being is I have them already. Now I need to sterilize them. Everyone uses the boiling method. I want to use the microwave method. Which I am going to attempt this weekend. I know am going to have found my own way with this stuff. What I feel comfortable with, I wish I had more confidence with my choices.

I am going to the therapist tonight. Which I need, but I am beyond tired and really want to go to sleep at my desk right now. I will make it, because I do need it. My anxiety has been going down, not completely gone!!!

I been thinking about calling my ex boyfriend. It is strange that I miss him. I guess it isn’t strange I did love the man. Being that the last time he called I hung up in his face. I also didn’t have a nice conversation with him prior to that. I come to the conclusion that I am lonely. He is comfortable to me. Granted he has no idea I am pregnant. I know I need to move on in my life without him in it. I just want some companionship. I know husband aren’t always useful in these situations. These are the times I wish I had one.


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for baby!!

  1. You see, that right there is called dedication. When I was tired during my pregnancy, wasn’t nothing pulling me out of that bed, be it a musty pack-and-play or a house fire. J Though I do concede that sometimes, things just irk to no end until you simply have to do something about it.

    I do recall midnight apple juice binges though. Serious cravings that came on so strong, I felt like I was possessed by the apple juice vampire of doom.

    Anyway, tangent. Be proud of yourself. That’s a pretty complex task for so late at night. It really does feel wonderful when that first mommy task is performed.

    Playtex Drop-Ins ARE wonderful. Less clean-up equals awesome. As to the inserts being expensive, I suppose they can be, but if you look around, I’m sure you can buy them in bulk and let it all break even somehow. The convenience might just be worth it.

    I like Dr. Brown though too. Ayla used his 8 oz wide-neck bottles for cereal and milk when she was a little older and we had no issues. There are more parts to clean, but once they’re all rinsed out, just toss ‘em in the dishwasher if you want, and they’re fine.

    I think confidence comes with time. I didn’t feel very confident in the beginning too. Every time I thought I had a good idea, whether from reading or just from my own head, there was always someone telling me why another idea was better, or just why mine wasn’t good. You’ll get the hang of it though. Take the advice people give you, and incorporate it with your own ideas. Over time, and as you get to know your baby, you’ll be a confident mama before you know it.

    Keep writing! Best outlet ever.

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