Dr Appt!!

I took the gestational diabetes test again. I went to my OBGYN appt. today. The midwife blasted me about my weight. I gained a total of 40 pounds I am 81/2 months. I already had a complex about my weight before I got pregnant. Now these folks could drive someone to drink as much as they harp on it.

It could also be a problem because I see a different midwife every time. I have seen them all once. Now I am working on seeing each one again.  I called my aunt and she made me feel a lot better. My co-worker did also. It is funny when I go to the specialist I haven’t got one comment about my weight. Now am I happy about 40 pounds. Hell no!! If you been reading my blog. You would know this baby journey was not simple or easy. I am still paying off the thousands +++ dollars I paid to that fertility clinic that did not bring me a baby. That is when the food got out of control and I was trying to comfort myself.  I was so upset it wasn’t happening. I even started seeing the therapist at this time.  I was having so many issues coping with possibly not having a baby. So I gained weight then. I am 87 pounds away from my ideal weight. Not 40 pounds. Yes I gained 40 pounds walking into their office. But the truth is after I have this baby I am trying to get to my ideal weight. Not just my pre-pregnancy weight.

I asked her if there is any way I can have this baby early. She said we don’t do that anymore. There needs to be a medical reason. I am over being pregnant. I want a happy healthy baby don’t get me wrong. But I am ready for this stage to be over.  I am ready to see my baby and become a mother. Then work on all that needs to be done. Weight included. I think I am going to join the program I was in again. I haven’t made the total choice yet. When my mother is here I will try to make the decision!!! This weekend I am working on my hospital bad for just in case. To be ready if when this baby is ready to make an appearance.

I am grateful for so many things. I am sick of wasting my thoughts and time on my weight.


2 thoughts on “Dr Appt!!

  1. I had a preemie, and you do not want an early baby. I did not go to term so I don’t know the last stage discomforts but I would take it in a heart beat when I remember what it was like to have an early baby. Looking back, having them on the inside was the easy part. It’s normal to be anxious and the discomfort and other stress does not help, but if this might be your only baby, IMHO try to enjoy the experience as best as your body will let you. Focus on the fact baby will be here soon and as for the weight, you will work on it and be successful as you have been before.

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