Passing Test!!!

I passed the gestational diabetes test again. Third time is the charm. I don’t want to hear about that test again. It is clear I am having a big baby.

Then a life test. I was asked to do something unethical at work. They must have gotten the wrong person. My answer is Hell NO!! If you need to fire me or let me go fine. Granted it hasn’t got that far. I told the person the president has to approve it because I am not.

These are the times I wish I had a boss. That person would either go for it or not. But their butt would be on the line, not mine. It is actually illegal. You can’t convince me to knowing do something illegal. Sorry a job isn’t worth that crap. Granted I talked to a few people who included a VP I respect. He said day issue we aren’t going to do it. I have put in a call to the president and I am going to let him know what I think.

I did go to bed earlier last night. I don’t feel as tired, as I have been. Still tired, but slightly better. I am so thankful it is Friday. Next week I have several appointments. Still training the temp. Seems to be going smoothly. She was there when that requested was made.. She stated she wouldn’t have done it either. In our profession the rules are very important. No one wants to go out with handcuffs on. Granted I might be a little dramatic. But it is an illegal offense.



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