I am 36 weeks. I went to my regular midwife appointment. I will be seeing them next week. I am on the week to week schedule now. Well my blood pressure is up. So I have collect my urine for 24 hours. I was looking at this woman like she is crazy. I instantly said excuse me.

She then said you are about to be a mother. You are going to see a lot of excrement. I said I am not going to keep them in the fridge. I am not happy about this.  I pee all through the night. I also have a hard time going back to sleep. I am sure this is going to keep me up all night. I have to bring in my jug of pee on Monday. I have a bunch of appointments coming up.

The physical therapist on Monday. Which my carpel tunnel is getting very bad. I am in constant pain. Then the fetal medicine doctor or Tuesday which they will be doing an ultrasound. Then back to the midwives on Thursday.

The president of the company said he doesn’t see me making it past this weekend. I am good with that. I do want to pick up those baby clothes first. I am going to do my grocery shopping after work today. Just in case I don’t want to leave the house on Sunday. So I collect my pee and not feel like I can take a bathroom break at a store. If I go to three stores I am peeing in one of them. Just the getting in and out of car triggers going to the bathroom.

On Saturday I have to pick up baby clothes from a friend of a friend. Since I will be on that side of town, I want to get my car washed and cleaned at my favorite place. Not only do they do a good job, but it was my favorite place because of the eye candy drying off the cars.

Then get some Jamaican food from my favorite restaurant. I use to live on this side of town. I am going to wash my hair tonight. Also try to do something with it, which is the hard part because I am so lazy at this point. My house is back to a mess. Which has a lot to do with my restricted movement and not just being lazy.

I am ready to not be pregnant. This last stage is worst then the rest!!!!


2 thoughts on “Disgusting!!!

  1. Yes, you’re almost there! I’m not sure what having high blood pressure means (what their looking for in the urine)? Sorry you have to do that. You’re funny about not keeping baby waste in the fridge. 🙂 Ethiopian – yum! And enjoy the eye candy…

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