36 Weeks 4 days

I have cleaned the whole house. It is organized now. Maybe my baby will be here shortly. I think I am nesting. I am praying she will be coming soon. When I say I am sick of being pregnant. I know all women feel that way. I know I wanted twins at one point. I must have been smoking crack. I am glad I have only one in my belly.

I feel her every day which is reassuring that she is okay. Even thought I am totally sick of being pregnant. I don’t want to do anything that will harm my baby!!!. I have received a lot more baby clothes which I am great full. It is great having friends who care about you.

My rent went up. I am a month to month. Since I have no idea when I will move to Boston. I didn’t want to sign another lease and deal with that drama. Well a new corporation has bought my apartment complex. I already agreed to pay 100 buck extra to not sign a lease with the old apartment owners. They leave a note on my door on 5/9/14 asking me to sign another lease or pay an additional 30 bucks for month to month on 6-1-14.

I swear everything is getting more expensive. My aunt told me they have to at least give me 30 days notice. I then talked to my lawyer friend. She told me to look up the statute. I did and in Georgia I found out they have to give me 60 days notice. I went to the leasing office and there was only a leasing agent. I told her the situation and she stated the property manager will have to work something out with me.  I will call her tomorrow. She said I should drop by. I don’t have time for that. I have to see my physical therapist for my carpel tunnel. I don’t know if I will be back in time. I told my friend who also lives in the complex. She is also month to month.

They will probably end up screwing all the people who do not know the law. I have to say I am glad I have people in my life that keeps that from happening to me!!!


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