A lot going on today!!

I just had lunch and a lot has happened. First I got in an argument with my mother. I think mother’s have the ability to make anyone emotional. Plus almost 37 weeks pregnant didn’t help. I was looking at Facebook yesterday (Mother’s Day). I have had radio silence concerning my pregnancy on Facebook. A high school acquaintance seems to have done the exact same thing. The last time I talked to her was over a year ago. Well I guess she had a child. The caption was enjoying a meal with my husband and newborn son.

I am happy for her. I know she was having an issue getting pregnant. But I felt a little sad for myself. I want a husband to share all this with. Not my reality, but I have a right to have feelings about that.

Well my mom calls me this morning. What’s wrong she asked. I told her and she immediately state you just can’t be happy. Also a dig about being ungrateful. Can I say I had a major melt down. She hung up on me. Which is how my family works. They don’t hear something they like the phone goes dead. I called her back of course. After I go off she hangs up again. Then I text her that she can be so mean. Okay some time passes she calls back and said she wants me to have a good day. Of course I take this opportunity to say you are not the only one to have feelings. Being that my mother and my aunt want you to be their for there emotional melt downs. I would not dare say anything insensitive because they will bring on the drama and hurt feelings very quickly. We didn’t hang up on each other but the conversation ended very cold.

I was upset and had tears in my eyes. I went to drop off my pee and get blood taken. After I left the doctor’s office, my mother called again and gave me a sincere apology. I should be able to talk to her about anything and she is sorry. I got upset because I love my baby that is growing inside of me. I am grateful she is on the way and I pray everything goes smoothly.

It doesn’t negate the fact that was not my plan. I wanted a husband then a child or children. It didn’t work that way and I have to be a big girl and deal with that. But damn can I have feelings about that. Shit I am human!!!

On another annoying note. I called the property manager to my apartment complex about increasing the rent. She clearly was lost in the sauce. She stated I haven’t paid the increase rent rate from month to month. I stated I been paying 100 buck extra since March. Oh yeah she says I see it. Yeah my checking account saw it also.

She then said you only have to give us 30 days. She said it in a tone like that applied to her. I told her the statue states you have to give me 60 days, I only have to give you 30.

A landlord who has a tenant-at-will must give a sixty (60) day notice to the tenant before seeking to terminate the agreement or change any term of the original agreement. This means the landlord must give a tenant-at-will sixty (60) days notice before imposing a rent increase or requesting that the tenant move. A tenant-at-will must give a thirty (30) day notice to the landlord to terminate or change the original agreement. To protect your legal rights any and all notices should be in writing.

So now I am waiting for her to get back to me. 30 dollars is not going to kill me. But they are not going to extort money from me illegally.


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