Birth Day coming!!!

I went to the specialist today. Looks like I might be induced next week. If she doesn’t come first on her own. My blood pressure is steadily going up.

She stated this will be the recommendation to the OBGYN. Which for some reason is having phone issues today. You can’t get through. When I want some answer the phone doesn’t work. Talk about trying to be patient. I been calling every hour to see if they fixed it. I know I am being compulsive. I need to know what happened with that urine test. The specialist wants them to give them that answer. That is going to push what the recommendation will be.

I am over stressing. I am so ready to give birth. Not really ready for the birth part actually. Oh did I mention they said my baby is about 7 pounds which is the 69 percentile. So They backtracked on me having a  big  baby. Now I need to re-pack my hospital bag with baby clothes for a smaller baby.

I am actually glad to be induced. It can be planned with my friends that are supposed to be there. Instead of a surprise. Granted she could come at any time now.

I am leaving it all in GODS hands!!


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