Labor and Delivery Story

{7707b807-7957-4b9a-933a-d5bc77f15760}_7Ava is here. With a lot of drama and pain she made an appearance into to the world 5/16/14. It all began the week before. Where my blood pressure was going up. The fetal medicine doctor said I would be induced and it depends on how I  did on the urine test.

I took the test OBGYN and the fetal medicine doctor couldn’t get through to OBGYN. Yes, the day I needed to know major information their phone systems were down. I was so paranoid I called the office all day over and over. I was a stalker. I couldn’t take it anymore. I left work early to go to that office and find out my results. When I got there the nurse informed me my test had not come in yet. She told me she would call me before noon tomorrow.

I went to work the next day. The day went on as usual. I went to get a sandwich. On the way home I got a restricted call when I answered it the nurse was on the other end. She said I failed the urine test and I need to go to labor and delivery now.

I was in total shock. I asked her can I come in two hours. She said sure. I walked into my office and told them I was on my way to labor and delivery. They were all excited. I went home took a shower and ate my sandwich. Then one of my old roommates came over and we went to the hospital together. It worked out perfectly. She not working but in school. She didn’t start her summer session until next week and she was out this week.

We made it to labor and delivery and the journey began. They admitted me and said it would take two days to induce me. My birth team which are my two old roommates. I am indebted to for life. They both tag team for me not to be alone in the hospital. One was there through the whole entire birth. I love them to death.

On day three they said you will be having a baby today.  I was only one centimeter. They gave me pitocin and when I reached two then they let me have an epidural. I was feeling no pain. It progressed quickly. In two hours the epidural stopped working. I cried and screamed in pain. I begged for help and told my friend to go ask the nurses for help. There was an emergency c-section going on at the same time. I was forced to wait in pain.
He finally came back and put the epidural in again.  I was once again feeling no pain. I jumped from 2 centimeters to 5 centimeters quickly. Two more hours I was 9 1/2. I began pushing and could feel pressure. I couldn’t figure out how to push correctly but was making the best effort I could. In my last hour of pushing the epidural went out again and I felt like I was being ripped open. I didn’t realize when a flood of people came in the room.

It was no longer the midwife running the show. The OBGYN took over. She completely took over. She started ordering me around to get me under control. I was screaming at the time and just wanted it to be over. Ava came out with the cord wrapped around her twice. I didn’t hear her cry which made me very nervous. I ordered my friend to check on the baby. I finally heard her cry and felt relief. I then heard the doctor say she is losing too much blood. I am thinking who is she talking about. Clearly it was me. They said they might have to do a blood transfusion in the morning.

I finally got to hold my Ava. I missed so much that happened at this point. Thank god my friends got a lot of pictures and her on video. She is officially a week old. I had a horrible experience in the hospital I was in. That is another story that I will let you in on later. Right now I have been taking care of my daughter and trying to figure out the most cost affective way to move back to Boston.




9 thoughts on “Labor and Delivery Story

  1. Congratulations! She looks adorable, well done!

    I have been following your story for years and when you finally got your bfp I was delighted for you. I bet it feels so good to hold her?

    Well I finally got my own bfp on Monday after such a long wait and hopefully all being well I will be a mummy in nine months time. I’m excited but trying not to get too attached just yet in case anything goes wrong. I hope this next three months flies by. In the meantime keep us updated with stories of Ava (such a pretty name) and best of luck with the move to Boston.

    • I totally understand. I didn’t want to be happy to early also. I wish you the same success I have. If you have any questions let me know. I am in love with her and even thought she is a week old, I still can’t believe I am a mother.

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