I have never had to deal with a newborn before. I have to say my daughter is giving me a run for my money. This sleep all day and want to party all night killed me for the first few days.

Also I have been doing my grocery shopping. She has had a few babysitters while I went to the store.  I like doing my own grocery shopping. My old roommates have been so good to me. I have no idea how to repay them for friendship.  I have had a lot of visitors. Which is cool. The doctor told me to stay my ass in the house for another week. I kind of listened. I had a friend watch her on Friday so I could really shop for my house. I have been in the house for days and I really starting to get cabin fever.

I went to the doctors on Friday to check my blood pressure. It was still high. They put me on blood pressure medicine. They hope it will all clear up in a week. Thank you it had a diuretic component because I finally started to pee out this fluid. My feet looked like Fred Flintstones feet. I couldn’t put a sock on my foot. My flip-flop was tight. My feet are getting back to normal finally. My stomach is going down, but nowhere near where it was. I need to go into my boxes and find my pre-pregnancy clothes.

I am totally in love with Ava. My family in Boston are beside themselves and call to ask what she is doing every minute. Which is usually sleeping or screaming when I am changing her diaper. My mother will be here in a few weeks. Her coming three weeks early my aunt thinks is a great thing because we could bond before my mother gets here.

With my mother here I will have more freedom to come and go and get things done. I am praying when I get that estimate for the moving men that it is a reasonable price. Who knew the summer was prime time when the price goes up. I want to get to Boston smoothly with as less stress as possible.

Everyone who has come to visit says I have a lot of stuff. I don’t think I do. Shit I had my own house. My father said I should get rid of my stuff to lighten the loud. It is my stuff and I want it. It means something to me. I am almost 40 years old. How would it look for me to have no stuff.  When I moved down here 15 years ago. I had clothes, books, and a 19 inch TV. Things have really changed.



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