Diaper Changing Face!!!

20140527_123959My baby has a crazy diaper changing face. She rather stay wet or shitty then have her diaper changed. It is clearly some new kind of torture for her to get her butt cleaned. I have to turn my heart to stone and clean my daughters ass even thought she gives me this face.

Today we went on an adventure. We paid our rent and went to the Post office. I also went to two stores. I couldn’t help it. I had the car seat canopy on her the whole time. 40649905

I have to say I enjoyed getting out the house. She didn’t have a melt down until we got home. I was going to buy a lottery ticket. But I passed on that. I did buy on yesterday. I haven’t checked anything. If some money came into my life. I would be a stay at home mom at least for six month. I can dream. We are really bonding. She is asleep next to me. With her milk drunk face. I am trying to work on entertaining her and not just putting a bottle in her month. Not every cry means she is hungry. I have a learning curve but I am trying my best!!!


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