Up late!!

20140527_010200My daughter is asleep all day long. Then in the middle of the night her eyes are wide open ready to party. I am learning to get with the program of a newborn.

We went to Smoothie King today. My friends came over and instead of them taking out the trash. I wanted to take out the trash myself and get the mail. I know it sounds crazy, I needed to get out of the damn house. Cabin fever is caving in on me. I know it hasn’t been two weeks since I pushed her out. I have been told several times I need to rest.

Being so independent, I already miss going out when I want to. I don’t mind having my daughter in tow. I was told by the pediatrician that I can take her to restaurants and not shopping centers. I wanted cookies today. I ended up sucking it up due to my daughter only being a week and a few days old. I couldn’t let my craving put my daughter in a non healthy situation.

I talked to friends and they said they took their kids to stores early on. They said they covered the car seat so no one could breath on the baby. She is presently sleeping in my lap. I know body contact calms her down. But I don’t want a co sleeping situation. It works for now because it is easier on some level. She did sleep in her bassinet this afternoon. So I am making some progress.

My mother said I sound better. I didn’t realize I was sounding bad. Everyone is watching out for depression. I understand but I don’t think I am depressed. I think I miss interaction. I am going to put the stroller in the trunk of my car. Then we are going to start walking around the apartment complex. I need to get this body under control soon. All I have to report for tonight.  Ava and I are going to try to call it a night!!


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