Shitty Diapers!!

My daughter is high maintenance. She will not shit in a wet diaper. I put on a clean diaper, two seconds the shit starts coming out.  I tend to go through many diapers at one time. She will be two weeks at 10pm this evening. I am still trying to get use to the title of mother.

I know I said I wouldn’t do this again. But I look at her and think I want another one. She is so amazing to me. I stare at her when she sleeps. I talked so much shit about her sleeping in the bed with me. Where has she been. Yep, in my bed. Eventually when she hits six months, I want to transition her into her own room.

I am trying to get my mother to paint the room I will be in and Ava will be in before I get there. Why does it seem like it could take an act of congress to make this happen. How hard is it to put paint on the wall.

The changes in my life are coming quickly. In a month and a half I will be own my way to Boston.  I know people love Boston. I miss my family but I really don’t miss the city at all. I have been spoiled in Atlanta. With central air and heat. Lower utility bills.

My family is so happy with my return home. I am going to try to make the best of it. I love my daughter, but I can’t wait to get my body back and have some male attention. I have been so consumed with being a mother for over two years.  Now I need to work on my personal life. I am sure that isn’t going to happen for a good six months. I need to decided how I am going to work on this weight problem. Also finding a job and being a good mother. Who will be my baby sitters. At this moment it is my mother, her twin sister and my father. My father is a maybe. We will see how he acts when I get there.

He finally got her pictures in the mail. He wants to go to the mall and put it on a tee-shirt. He is such a proud grandpa. He has a lot of step grandchildren. I can tell this is totally different.  He can’t wait to brag to his friends about Ava. It makes me smile that they are so happy about her.

I know I don’t want her to be an only child. But unless I am married  I don’t see doing this again. But I always have the right to change my mind!!!


2 thoughts on “Shitty Diapers!!

  1. Good lord woman I’m away for a couple of weeks and your life changes…lol. Congratulations she is beautiful and I love her name. Good luck with the move, I just got into my new place and I finally got internet today, hence the comment. I know the feeling about wanting more kids.

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