Cute baby sleeping!!

IMG_50183191529296My daughter has the cutest baby sleeping poses. I know I am bias I am her mother. I have had a steady stream of visitors. Which is nice to see my friends on a regular. Knowing I am leaving very shortly. I am making a list of all the things I have to do. I received her birth certificate in the mail. They were quick. I am hoping social security will be ask quick.

I started my diet today. Failed terribly!!

Ava and I made a trip to the doctor’s this Saturday. She sounded congested and I was nervous. $30 co pay later I was told to put saline in her nose and squeezes it out. I felt foolish. But I had no idea what to do. I am winging this newborn thing. My friends are shocked I can put her to sleep. But you learn when someone is screaming at 3am.

I should have done better to pick a doctor. I picked her because she was the pediatrician on staff at the hospital and stated said she can pierce her ears at two months. I also thought we are only going to have her for two months. Now I know that was the wrong attitude. Her office look like a cheap free clinic. I am thinking I am paying a lot of money for health insurance for this crap. She doesn’t have air conditioner in her main waiting room.

There was a little girl in the waiting room. Coughing and sneezing her ass off. I really was happy my baby was covered by the car seat canopy. I was also tilted to the side because I felt myself getting sick. Thank god I left germ free, I still didn’t like it.

So far motherhood is working on. I will keep you guys posted!!!



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