Cleaning up Finances

I am always worried about my finances. Well I just took out a consolidated loan for everything I owe. It gives me one low monthly payment. I am so happy. I am waiting to be approved so I have my fingers crossed. I included credit card , moving expenses, next month rent. With a little left over to put into savings.

This will make me feel very secure with all my plans.

My child is wide awake at 3am every night.20140604_030354 I love her but my sleep is all jacked up.  Motherhood is interesting. I love her and can see why everyone things their kid is great. I love to hear compliments about her. I am sure I would attack if I heard anything bad about this child. Now I understand how a mother’s love is so primal.



One thought on “Cleaning up Finances

  1. Have you heard back about the loan? I know it’s a great feeling to move on towards your goals and secure your and your daughter’s future. I’m very happy for you.

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