Why is every issue with my family drama. All I wanted is my child and my room painted before I got to Boston. Why is putting paint on the walls such an issues. I can not answer that question, but most things with my family cannot be handled with ease. It always takes someones agenda over someone else s.

My aunt all of sudden wants a couch that is in the room that needs to be painted. Does she need this couch. No, she can’t even get it up the stairs to her house. It just goes into her hoarder nature of not throwing anything away. With all the yelling and arguing. My room will be painted for Ava and I to move into. The rest remains to be put on a calendar. My mother and aunt cannot seem to do multiple things at once.

Am I really going back to this drama. I told my aunt I really wish I could be moving to my own apartment. Granted living with my mother will not only help me, but her. It will let her really retire and not worry about money. Which I want her to hang with her grandchild and not have to worry about paying bills.

My mother and my aunt get on my nerves in a big ass way.  My aunt is so damn particular she acts like everything that needs to be done needs to be approved and taken care of by her. Also she had to tell everyone how traumatic it is to take care of so much.

My mother acts like she can’t handle anything with out a dramatic conversation.  All that being said at least my room will be painted.

My mother is ecstatic that I am coming home. I have to say I am not that excited. This is going to be a big change to my control over my surroundings.

Baby News

I am working on her sleeping in her own bed not mine. I talked a whole bunch of shit about her not sleeping in my bed. It has become easier to deal with the 3am wake up calls she has me on daily. She is wide awake at that time and it is killing me. It has me sleeping way into the afternoon. She has taken two naps in her  bassinet. I am going to have her sleep in there tonight. I have to stop being lazy!!!20140605_171457 This is a picture of her in her own bed!! Success we will see how tonight goes!!!


4 thoughts on “Drama!

  1. Such a cute picture of Ava! 🙂 Sorry for family drama. I’m sure it will be a huge adjustment when you move home, but I definitely see the advantages you’re talking about. Maybe you could use some of your techniques from “The Secret” work you’ve done to help envision and manifest a peaceful, loving situation for you and Ava when you get to Boston.

    I was just curious and definitely let me know if it’s too personal, but was wondering if you ended up sending the donor any pictures or if you guys had an arrangement around that or if it was just no contact?

    • The donor and I haven’t had contact for months. I will email him when I am out the state. We never signed a contract. But when I learned it won’t hold up in court I stopped pushing. We did agree he wouldn’t sign the birth certificate. Presently he doesn’t know she is here!

      • I understand… yeah, I remember I was surprised to learn contracts don’t hold up in court, though I was told it might show “intention” for whatever that’s worth. But it sounds like you and the donor were on the same page. If I were him, I would be curious to know what she looks like and that she arrived and is doing well, but maybe it’s not like that.

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