Money and Problems!!

So my aunt waited for the contractor at my mother’s house to give her an estimate for painting the room. He didn’t show up. Oh joy more issues with getting this room painted. I am trying to buy my cousin a one way ticket back to Atlanta from Boston. She will be helping me drive my car back home. The tickets are extremely high. Nothing I can’t afford. But damn for a one way ticket. The airlines are high way robbery.

My aunt isn’t answering her phone. I fell asleep and the guy hadn’t shown up. I am assuming he totally flaked. She probably doesn’t want to talk to me.

I am very concerned about moving to Boston. Living with my mother who likes to tell me what to do. But hates to be told what to do. She told me last year if I come home I can change the apartment the way I want. Well she changed that already. Then when I say to her I am concerned about us getting along. She said why, we will be fine. It will be perfect. I know she wants me to come home, and never wanted me to leave in the first place. I know she can’t wait to get here on Saturday to see her grandchild. She calls everyday and ask what she is doing. There isn’t much to report because newborns really don’t do much at all.

I pray we get a long very well. I don’t mind a few bumps in the road. But my mother likes to live in non reality. She can be difficult to deal with at times. Even thought she would never believe that. Is she better than what she use to be. Oh yes by far she is a lot better.

I know my family in Boston are going to be so in love with Ava. There hasn’t been a baby for them since they had babies. My cousin and I are almost 40 years old. I been on my own for a long time. I do love when people say your daughter is coming to live with you. Denoting I had some kind of failure and needed to come home. She said no she is coming home, this is her home. My mother never really left home. My grandmother didn’t mind us living with her. She didn’t mind being there for her grandchild. Which she had many but it was my cousin and I that were three months apart. We lived in the same house with my grandmother from 5-18 years old. We were not a burden, we were her life. My aunt said the same, and I know it to be very true. I know my mother and aunt and father are going to have a breath of life put into them because of my child in their life.

My father already to take me to a family wedding on his end. He wants to show off his grand-daughter to his family. I am going to try my best not to have issues with my mother. I do love her even with all the bitching I do love her dearly. If she was gone I would be very devastated. Living with someone isn’t easy. I know there will be bumps in the road. I hope the bumps don’t turn into mountains.


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