Living the dream!!

It is totally clear that dreams do come true. The little person laying next to me, who pee on me twice and screams bloody murder when I am not tending to her proves it.

I am looking at my dream come true. I really have to appreciate the world and the positives in my life. Now this 70 pounds I have to lose is getting to me. I feel huge. I know I need to pull myself together. I know how to eat. I know it is going to be hard to not snack. To get the flour and sugar out of my system.

I am enjoying being a stay at home mom for the moment. There are parts I really have to get use to. I am getting cabin fever big time. We tend to take out the trash every day. Also check the mail. I got the announcement of her birth. So I will hit the post office tomorrow.

All thought I have a lot of steps to get myself and my child together. Moving to Boston is my biggest hurdle. Also adjusting to moving into the house I grew up in. I am trying to be happy about the move. I know I need to stay positive.



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