Leaving the house today I found a note on my door. I got a lease violation. For excessive noise. Heavy walking in my apartment. I was immediately pissed off.

I went straight to the leasing office. Come to find out the neighbor below me says I am walking heavy over her head all night long. I am looking at these women with my daughter in the car seat in front of me. I said she is only three weeks old. I am sorry what am I supposed to do.

I really didn’t want to be ugly. If I am really keeping this woman awake I am feeling a little bad. But really, if she didn’t want noise over her head she should have gotten a top floor apartment. The point is I don’t think I am walking any different then usual. I don’t know what she is going to do when my mom is here for two weeks.

The leasing agent answer was to not wear heels. I thought she was crazy. I haven’t had heels on my feet in over a year. I told them this woman must be new. Which she was. She moved here April.

I told them there isn’t much I can do. Plus I will be out of here in six weeks.

My old roommate came to visit me. One of the couple. She happened to mention her and her ex use to run a cleaning company. Which I thought was perfect. I asked her if she would clean my apartment when I move out. I been calling around, because my lazy ass really do not want to do it. She is going to watch Ava when the move takes place. Then she will clean it the next day. Then I can do the walk through and be done.

I know people are like this chick is lazy. I will admit yes I am. I am not ashamed LOL. Finally the rooms are on the list to be painted. Thank you god. It took a lot of negotiating. Also my biggest issue with the bathroom at my mother’s house will be taken care of before I get there. My aunt is going to work on the tub being refurbished while my mother is here for two weeks. Even thought I wish the whole thing could be gutted and done before I got there. I can’t have everything. But the tub being done does make me happy.

Ava has been fussy all day. I guess it had to happen. My introduction to motherhood!!!


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