1 Month

1 MonthI officially been a mother for four weeks. I don’t think I am perfect at it. We been getting through. I am very nervous when she melts down when we are out and about. I am sure I will get better at that.

My mom will be here tomorrow. Freedom will be here, with coming and going. I am nervous about my mother. She hasn’t had a baby in almost 40 years. I know she is ready to be her grandchild everything!!!


2 thoughts on “1 Month

  1. Wow!!! I cannot believe it’s been four weeks already. I’m glad your mom is coming…I’m sure she is going to be so charmed by that sweet little girl. It’s amazing how much parents change when they become grandparents. They just turn into softies. My parents were tough growing up and now they just melt and have all new rules for their grandbabies.

    I know you’ll love having the freedom to come and go a little bit more freely when you have her there to help.

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