Ava meets Nana

My mother came today. My cousin picked her up from the airport. Then there was a 45 min drive to get to me. My mom was very nervous with Ava. She was very awkward holding her. I wanted to laugh so hard. She kept saying wait a min, wait a min.

Clearly she had a long trip. She also stayed up all night cleaning the house. If my aunt can make the appointment they will be painting and refurbishing the tub while my mother is here.

She got in my bed and went to sleep for a few hours. My cousin and I were in the living room hanging out. When my cousin left I picked up the baby turned on the light in my room. It is baby time get up. It was a laughable moment. My mom was like, what I am tired. I told her the baby has needs. You are here to work not sleep. I had to get her bed together on the couch. My aunt bought a pad for the futon to make it more comfortable. She started complaining I was putting her on a broken down couch.

Clearly my aunt made a great purchase because she is out cold on the futon bed. I put Ava in the bed with her, so I could clean the kitchen, make bottles, get my hair together. Ava struggled a bit but they were in the bed together for about an hour. I got things done which felt great.

My mom also has my neurological condition which I don’t think she takes the medication properly to get rid of all her symptoms. I have tried to get the medication regulated. With no success. Can’t tell a grown woman what to do. Clearly she knows how to compensate for the deficit she works to part-time retail jobs which is not easy work.

She clearly loves this little girl. Even thought she is very nervous with this new bundle of joy. Which is understandable. Ava had me nervous when I first started taking care of her.

My mother sleeps like a rock. The baby crying doesn’t wake her up at all. She will have to be awake when watching the baby. No overnight with Nana. Until she can sleep through the night and wake up Nana when necessary.  Life is interesting and I hope we don’t kill each other in the next two weeks.



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